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Verified Purchase

This product is great if you’re a morning person. It’s even better if you’re not! InHeat provides that hot coffee experience long after the last pour. The fact that it also powers up my phone is the cherry on top. I use mine every day.

Chrystal J.
San Francisco, CA

Verified Purchase

Let’s face it, cold coffee just doesn’t have the same soothing effect as a nice steaming mug. InHeat was made for coffee lovers. If you enjoy savoring the beans and appreciate the feel of a warm cup in your hand, you need to get the InHeat warmer.

Mark L.
Springdale, AR

Verified Purchase

InHeat is the ultimate accessory for my two favorite things: a hot cup of tea and my new phone. This thing is genius. I like that it heats the mug without becoming a safety hazard. Easy to use and super handy to have.

Jackson W.

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Question: Can I use any coffee cup with InHeat?

InHeat is specially designed to warm the bottom of the reinforced porcelain mug that comes with the unit. It does this by using electromagnetic induction. The provided lid ensures your coffee stays extra hot and is ready to travel.

Question: Can I burn myself on the warmer if the mug isn’t on it?

No. InHeat senses the moment the mug is lifted from the device. You never have to worry about accidentally burning your fingers or anything else while in InHeat is in use.

Question: Will my phone work with the charger?

InHeat works with all Qi-enabled smartphones regardless of the make, including the iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung S6, and more. Just place your phone on top of the device to activate the wireless charging function.

Question: What happens if I forget about my heating coffee mug all day?

Don’t worry, InHeat will automatically enter standby mode after 8 hours. The unit comes with a built-in adaptive charging and heating switch to prevent objects from getting too hot.

Question: Does InHeat come with any sort of guarantee?

Yes. You are free to try out the product for 30 days. If you change your mind, simply return the device within the allotted timeframe for a full refund.